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′Mommy You Cooking with Me?′: Toya Johnson’s Baby Girl Melts Hearts After Showing Off Her Baking Skills

It looks like Toya Johnson’s youngest daughter Reign Rushing left fans smitten over her adorableness this week.

The 2 year old recently showed off her cooking skills in front of her mother’s seven million followers. Johnson took to Instagram on Wednesday, April 29, and posted a video of her daughter playing with her toy oven.

In the video, baby Reign sweetly asked Johnson for her help with cooking before instructing her to do so.

Toya Johnson.
2-year-old Reign Rushing @toyajohnson/Instagram

“Mommy you cook with me?” the toddler said in the video. “You make the cake and I make milk. … I make pizza and you make apples.”

Johnson gushed over the moment and added in her caption, “Reign: Mommy are you cooking with me?? You make the cake and I make milk 😂”

Fans also couldn’t take baby Reign’s cuteness.

“The lip smack is what got me 😂😂 I love her. She is just the cutest”

“I love her and she speaks so well!! ❤️ I just wanna hug her because she just too sweet 😍”

“Her finger she not playing… she is to cute ❤️ She knows what she wants! Lol you can cook for us any time muffin😂😍”

“She is so cute, almost make me want another baby. She just melts my heart 🍭🌸🍬🌼🌺. Reigny Pooh I’ll take a slice of chocolate cake and a glass of whole milk with four ice cubes please

“I love her. Thank you for sharing her with us. I feel like I know her personality 💖. She gives me LYFE!!!🦋🦋”

Toya Johnson
Robert “Red” Rushing and Toya Johnson and their daughter Reign Rushing @toyajohnson/Instagram

As of late, Johnson said she’s been enjoying staying at home with her daughter and her fiancé, Robert “Red”Rushing.

She told BET in a recent interview that she’s learned not to take her family for granted and to really enjoy them.

“To appreciate the time that we have together because normally we take so much for granted,” Johnson said. “I appreciate the time with family while we cook, play games, watch movies and so much more.”

Baby Reign is Johnson and Rushing’s first and only child together. The couple revealed that they would like to expand their family.

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