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‘Not Them Yabba Dabba Doo Stompers’: Comedian Loni Love Has Folks Shook After Showing Off Her Struggle Toes

While most are shuttered in their homes sheltering in place to avoid “the ’rona,” there have been several cries for help and attention from men and women longing for the days they could get a haircut or just a simple manicure and pedicure.

Apparently comedian Loni Love is among those in need of blessed hands to hook her feet up after she showed everyone on the internet what type of talons she is working with.

Comedian Loni Love had fans shook when she shared a photo of her struggling pedicure while in self-isolation. @comiclonilove/Instagram

The Real” co-host kept it really real when she exposed her chipped red polish, some overgrown nails and one that was just about missing.

She even added fuel to the fire that was sure to start in her comments with the caption, “I’m going to bed over and take care of my tree monster feet … lawwwddddd..I ain’t the only one.”

“That pinky toe looked like it survived every piece of furniture and natural disaster known to man😂,” commented one person after taking in the unwarranted sight.

“Some stuff y’all got to keep to y’all selves!!😩😩😂😂,” wrote another.

“She need to call DOCTOR FOOT!!”

“Not them yabba dabba doo stompers😂”

Love even asked fans to put their feet on blast, something that many on social were absolutely not here for.

“this the worst challenge ever😭”

“I will not be accepting no challenge as such😂”

“I Do Not Wanna Be Seeing Feet All Down My Timeline😂😂”

When asked point blank, “Ummm loni where is your pinky nail?” The “Soul Plane” cast member simply responded, “I don’t have one!!”

Honestly, at this point, an explanation is not needed.

“All the toes: we need to get done. Pinky toe: . (Period)”

“Please throw in the TILE! Toe in the tile! 😩”

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