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Halle Berry Reveals Why She Shaved Parts of Her Daughter’s Head as They Shelter in Place: ‘It Was Our Only Option’

Halle Berry recently shaved parts of her daughter’s head during her stay-at-home period. Berry made a virtual appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” and opened up to Fallon about her daughter’s latest beauty lesson on the April 21 episode.

Berry, a mother to Maceo-Robert, 6, and Nahla Ariela, 12, shared that she and her children have been spending an enormous amount of time in their swimming pool at home while they social distance together. The 53-year-old actress revealed their bonding time took a turn for the worse after the water took its toll on Nahla’s luscious locks.

halle berry
Halle Berry at the world premiere of “John Wick: Chapter 3 — Parabellum” at One Hanson in New York on May 9, 2019. (Photo: Angela Weiss/AFP/Getty Images)

“We’re doing her homework the other night and Nahla goes, ‘Mom, I’m scared to tell you this, but touch the back of my head.’ All her hair, which is past her shoulders, has shrunken up into a tight ball that feels like matted fur,” she said.

Halle Berry’s daughter Nahla Ariela (Photo: @halleberry/Instagram)

Berry, an Academy Award winner for Best Actress, told Fallon that she tried to help her daughter detangle her hair by putting conditioner in her knotted tresses. She explained that the product made her hair worse. Berry mentioned that Nahla’s hair only got “tighter,” so she was forced to shave the back of her daughter’s head.

Like most tweens, Nahla never wanted her mother to brush her hair. Berry claimed that her daughter insisted on doing her own hair in the past despite Berry’s attempt to help her. The “John Wick: Chapter 3” star told Fallon that her daughter was unhappy with the bald spot, and Berry implied that she hoped her daughter learned her lesson.

“She was not cool with that, but it was our only option. But now, like, she gets it,” Berry said. “I was like, ‘First of all, maybe you’ll let your mother help you. And second of all, you’ve learned you got to brush your hair, dawg, like, every day. You got to brush your hair,” she added.

Nahla admitted to her mother that she did not understand why she had to brush her hair every day, since they were social distancing. Berry responded, “This is why you have to brush your hair, so you don’t have a big ball.”

Halle Berry explaining to Jimmy Fallon why she shaved the back of her daughter’s head. (Video: “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”/YouTube)
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