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‘She’s a Mood’: Toya Johnson’s 2-Year-Old Daughter Melts Hearts After She Does This While Cleaning Up

Toya Johnson‘s daughter Reign Rushing is stealing the hearts of fans with her big personality.

Johnson, 36, uploaded a video to Instagram on Monday, April 21, of her toddler helping her with chores around the house. The adorable clip began with the 2-year-old talking on her toy phone, saying, “I’m cleanin’ up. Can I call you back, please? Bye-bye.”

After she hung up her toy phone, baby Reign proceeded to mop the living room. Johnson cheered her daughter on and said in the video, “You cleaning up mommy’s floor now, that’s a big girl.”

Toya Johnson
Toya Johnson’s daughter Reign Rushing. @toyajohnson/Instagram

Reign also found herself vacuuming the grass on Johnson’s back porch. The mother of two gushed over the moment and wrote in her caption, “@reign_beaux say she’s cleaning up she will call you back. Bye 👋🏽 🤣.”

Johnson’s post garnered over 193,000 likes and a wave of fan reactions.

“I’m rolling! Baby she say I’m cleaning up I’m a call you back bye 👋🏽 😂🤣”

“😍💕😂 She’s a whole mood! *Adds this to my list of how to get off the phone during quarantine”

“but the fact she really ain’t get off the phone til that last bye as if somebody was just hanging up😂😂😍”

“I need all Reign’s motivation today 🙌 😂 not vacumming the grass🤣”

“That baby said she has stuff to do. No time to talk 💛 I love her so much!! 💗💗💗She is kicks 😂”

“Oooooh she is too precious & she said she is cleaning UP  #ImBusyBuuuuyyyye Lmfaoooooo sooo freaking cute !😍”

Johnson and her fiancé Robert “Red” Rushing welcomed Reign in February 2018.

The “T.I. & Tiny: Friends and Family Hustle” star and Rushing got engaged last November and announced it via social media. She shared a photo of her and Red standing beside each other as she flossed her engagement ring.

Toya Wright
Toya Wright and Robert “Red” Rushing. @toyawright and photographer @cyndiivee_/Instagram

“Yes! Yes! And Yes!” Johnson captioned her engagement post. “For humbling my spirit, for restoring my faith in love, for raising the bar, for being all of what a man should be. For each of these and more I SAY YES! Looking forward to forever with you.”

Johnson and Rushing revealed on “Friends and Family Hustle” that they’re looking forward to expanding their family and having more kids. Baby Reign is the couple’s only child together.

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