‘It’s Not About You!’: ‘Black Ink Crew’ Fans Slam Ceaser Emanuel for His ‘Selfish’ Ways After Walt Invites OhSh-t and Kitty to His Wedding

Black Ink Crew” viewers are calling out Ceaser Emanuel over being a toxic friend.

Emanuel’s long-time friend and employer Walter proposed to his girlfriend Jessica this season. The couple decided to have their wedding in Hawaii, which was a no-go for Emanuel and his staff due to all of the legal drama surrounding the shop. However, Emanuel still rented a huge house in the Aloha State as an engagement and wedding gift to Walter and Jess.

After the “Black Ink” shop owner told the couple he and the staff weren’t coming to their wedding, Walter and Jess personally invited Miss Kitty to come. They also extended the invitation to Richard “Ohs–t” Duncan, Walter’s good friend.

Ceaser Emanuel
Ceaser Emanuel (L) and Walter (R) @VH1 screengrabs

Just when the couple thought all was well, Emanuel and the other “Black Ink” employees surprised them by unexpectedly showing up in Hawaii. Although the pair was happy, Emanuel’s presence meant bad news for Kitty and Ohs–t. Emanuel is currently at odds with Kitty, his ex-girlfriend, since she reportedly betrayed him by having an alleged relationship with his now enemy Ryan Henry.

Ohs–t and Emanuel fell out years ago after the tattoo artist went to work for Emanuel’s former foe Puma. He and Puma supposedly trashed one of Emanuel’s tattoo shops when he wasn’t there. Emanuel and Ohs–t also exchanged jabs with each other on social media years ago. Since their falling out, they haven’t spoken to each other.

Ceaser Emanuel
Ceaser Emanuel (L) and Richard Ohs–t Duncan (R) VH1 screengrab

In the April 22 episode, Emanuel and Ohs–t ran into each other for the first time in years. Emanuel was extremely upset at Walter for inviting Ohs–t.”

“I don’t know why Walt would sit here and invite this mutherf–ker Rich without telling me,” Emanuel said in his confessional.” This mutherf–ker Rich has betrayed me time, and time, and time and time again.”

Walter said he wasn’t trying to be disrespectful to Emanuel, but he didn’t think they were coming so he invited Ohs–t. He also shared that he felt like he had the right to invite anybody he wanted to his own wedding.

“Black Ink Crew” viewers agreed with Walter and scolded Emanuel for throwing a temper tantrum over Ohs–t’s presence.

“Why is he yet again making someone else’s day about him!!”

“It’s not YOUR WEDDING! You wanna come without notice that’s on YOU not WALT.”

“Puma is RIGHT! Richard made mistakes but so did CEASER 🤷🏾‍♀️ forgiveness is only hard when you know you also wronged the person.”

“O’Shit is Walt’s friend too ofc he wants him there. Y’all there to support Walt’s union please get over yourself”


“Cease always tryna make shit about HIM 🤦🏽‍♂️ It’s not about Cesar or about o shit betraying him it’s about Walt and his wedding they wasn’t even coming at first so get over it”

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