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Birdman’s Offer to Pay People’s Rent in New Orleans Backfires When Fans Bring Up His Alleged Unpaid Artists

Birdman said he’ll help people who are hurting financially in his hometown of New Orleans during the current pandemic by paying one month’s rent. But a lot of people brought up his history of allegedly not paying artists on his Cash Money record label.

On Monday, Birdman posted a message on Instagram that detailed his plans. He also called on others like the New Orleans mayor to help support his cause and thanked health care workers for “risking they life to save lives.”

Birdman said he’s paying people’s rent in New Orleans this May, but people brought up his past money disputes. (Photo: Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images)

“I would like 2 offer to pay everybody rent for month of May (for those who in need) in residents area of UPTOWN New Orleans where I was born and raised at from mac melph calio and ST Thomas housing also from 3rd ward to 17th ward,” wrote Birdman.

People then brought up the music executive’s past money issues in the comments, since former Cash Money artists like Lil Wayne and Tyga have sued him for nonpayment.

“Pay your artists first,” one person wrote on Instagram. 

“He really taking lil Wayne’s money to pay people’s rent,” another comment read. “He bold bold.”

“Has he even paid his artists that been saying he owes money?” someone else asked. “I hope he does follow through though.”

Lil Wayne sued Birdman and Universal Music in 2015 for $51 million and said he never received album advances or profits from his albums. In a separate suit, filed a year later against Universal, Wayne claimed he had not been paid for albums of the artists that he signed to his label Young Money, which is a Cash Money imprint.

Rick Ross famously called out Birdman over his money dispute with Wayne in his 2017 song “Idols Become Rivals.” 

Wayne’s suits with Birdman and Universal were settled in 2018, for undisclosed amounts. Wayne also signed a distribution deal with Republic Records and is no longer on Cash Money.

Tyga sued Birdman in 2018 for $10 million, alleging breach of contract and claiming he was owed back royalties.

More specifically, the West Coast rapper said he was owed at least $1 million in royalties for his albums “Careless World: Rise of the Last King,” released in 2012 and “Hotel California,” which came out one year later.

Tyga dropped the suit last year after settlement talks failed, and the case is now closed.

After Birdman’s post made the internet rounds, people brought up the other artists he’s worked with in the past.

“Did he pay Hot Boys?” one person questioned. “Did he pay Mannie Fresh?”

But there were also a good number of people who thanked Birdman for his proposed donation.

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