Amanda Seales Tells Issa Rae Story About Woman Wanting to Spit On Her and Fight Over Social Distancing

As COVID-19 continues to spread, people are becoming anxious in their efforts to practice social distancing, something to which Amanda Seales can attest.

During an episode of her “Small Doses” podcast, which was published on YouTube April 17, Seales told her “Insecure” co-star Issa Rae about how she almost got into a fight.

Amanda Seales (R) told Issa Rae (L) about almost getting into a fight over social distancing. (Photo: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Inc via Getty Images)

Seales explained that she was at a Target in Orlando, Florida and — beginning around the 2:28 mark of the clip — she points out how an altercation began when a woman was standing too close to her in the store.

“I was at a Target, and this woman was, like, standing so close to me,” Seales told Rae. “I was like, ‘Ma’am, can you please give me some space?’ She was like, ‘You got a ruler? You got a ruler?’ I was like, ‘I have a mask and gloves. As you can see, I’m not about this life.’ She was like, ‘I should spit on you.’ It escalated so quickly.”

Seales then shared that the woman was wearing a chest tube and expressed some concern that Seales could give her the virus. The back and forth continued from there.

“Then she leveled up,” Seales recalled. “You know me … I definitely was like, ‘B—h, I wish you would spit on me.’ Then she said, ‘I should shank you.’ We’re in an aisle and that’s when I yelled, ‘So you’re gon’ shank me in the Target.’ ”

She added, “Her husband is standing there, I was like, ‘Yo, get your wife, get your wife.’ Then they came over and escorted her out. She was trying to fight me … She’s like, ‘Oh you scared now?’ I was like, ‘I was scared before. I didn’t want you close to me before.’ ”

Seales said she noticed how well Target’s staff responded to the argument, which she believes shows how often they have to deal with similar situations.

After Seales told Rae her story, Rae seemed stunned and said, “I feel everybody is on edge right now.”
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