Megan Thee Stallion Scores Another Court Victory Against Carl Crawford and Label 1501 Certified Entertainment

Megan Thee Stallion is undefeated in her legal battle with the owner of her record label Carl Crawford so far. On Monday, April 13, a Harris County, Texas, judge shot down Crawford’s request to take their case to arbitration, something he asked to do in court papers that were filed on March 11. The case will now go to trial.

In those documents that Crawford filed, he also said that any conflicts between he and Megan had to be decided by an arbitrator, according to their contract. But his argument failed to sway Judge Robert Schaeffer.

“We are obviously very happy with the court’s decision and look forward to litigating this case,” Megan’s attorney Richard Busch told Billboard.

Most probably learned of the problems between Megan and Crawford when Megan took to Instagram on March 1 and said her label stopped her from releasing new music. The Texas raised-artist said it happened once she tried to renegotiate her contract.

Crawford denied her claims in an interview with Billboard shortly afterward. He also accused Jay-Z of trying to steal Megan away. That’s because in September of last year it was announced that she signed to Jay-Z’s company Roc Nation for management.

“She got 8 million followers that know they can pounce on me because I’m smaller,” Crawford said in his interview. “They can thrash me or whatever they do, but the real is you got Hollywood and you got up under Roc Nation and you’re acting like you don’t have to honor your contract no more.”

In March the judge allowed Megan to release her EP “Suga” and gave her a temporary restraining order against Crawford and 1501 Certified Entertainment. Since the project’s March 6 release date, one of the songs “Savage” has become a hit and created the extremely popular #SavageChallenge.

For now, Megan is self-quarantining in her Los Angeles home with her manager T. Farris and French bulldog 4oe, according to a newly released interview she gave to Vogue.

Megan said due to the COVID-19 spread and staying home, she’s been able to focus on getting her next album completed.

“I am actually working on my album,” she revealed. “This is the perfect time to start, because before all this I was so busy every day. Now I’ve got all this time, so I’m writing. When I feel like recording, I’ll go and lay things down. But when it’s coming out, I can’t say.”

Carl Crawford rants about Megan thee Stallion’s manager T. Farris in a now-deleted IG post (photo @1501_certified_ent/Instagram)

Crawford has since ranted about T. Farris in a now-deleted Instagram post.

“Here’s the real B.I.T.C.H.!! Moved this ngga In my own house for a whole year…Bought him jewelry Cars and clothes to wear everyday… Treated this ngga like a blood brother. Took this ngga off the streets of Houston when everybody knew he was fcked up…Gave this n*gga advance and a monthly payment where I paid him every month on time for 2 years straight…”

“Overlooked all the negative things nggas was saying about him and still rode with em…Paid Dr bills when that lil ngga Knocked his teeth out…Help him pay his dad doctor bills to get off cancer..I mean the level of betrayal in just too unbelievably…This man put up a front for two years with all my money making people think he was the one paying for everything when it was me…I gave this man his whole identity back all to get stabbed in the back…I say all this to say….I took yo best shot and I’m still here F*ck boi!!”

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