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‘Okayyyy Mariah Thee Stallion’: Video Resurfaces of Mariah Carey That Has Fans Shook By Her Strong Knees

Uh-oh it looks like reigning diva of pop and billboard hits Mariah Carey may have just proven that age really ain’t nothin’ but a number!

Resurfaced video footage of the singer signing autographs after a performance has people all over the internet shook. In the video, Carey is seen in a perfect sitting position while rocking a very tight black dress. For the most part, there is nothing impressive about the moment; that is until Carey stands up, revealing she was never sitting on anything.

(From left to right): Mariah Carey and Megan Thee Stallion (Photos: Courtesy Getty Images)

Instead, it was her impressive knee strength that held her steady. People all over the internet figuratively gasped in astonishment, taking to social to hilariously banter about her knees.

“Used her knees as a lil coffee table” and “Them knees STRONG AF,” wrote two different people.

“My knees would’ve gave out as soon as I bent down😭😭”

“😂😂😂Mariah is a whole chair out here”

Now, there’s no such thing as having a conversation about strong knees without talking about hot girl summer Megan Thee Stallion, 25. Fans have been swooning over her impressive joints since seeing her drop it low for the first time.

“Okayyyy Mariah thee Stallion”

“Megan stallion has 24 hours to respond,” wrote another person adding that Carey’s knees had called out the Houston rapper.

The “Always Be My Baby” singer caught wind of the video going around and all the craze surrounding her titanium-like knee strength.

“No dahhling it’s the core muscles!” tweeted Carey. Still fans are waiting for the showdown between Carey and Thee Stallion.

“I wanna see a Mariah vs Megan knee concert neowwww”

Another social media user simply reflected on how they’ve used their knee strength, not knowing just how good they had it.

“We used all our knee money on walk it out, two step, pop lock and drop it and crank dat Soulja boy”

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