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‘I DONT HAVE A MAN THO’: Why Ciara and Russell Wilson Have Single Fans Scrambling to Find Partners

Ciara and Russell Wilson are taking part in the #AllInChallenge that’s currently circulating on social media, but when they revealed what they’ll be giving away as part of the digital fundraiser, their single fans raised a few questions and concerns.

The new challenge is sweeping through the celebrity community in an effort to raise money for those in need during these uncertain times, and Russ and Ci have thrown a pretty cool prize into the ring — a double date with the Wilsons. “We’re gonna have you guys fly out on a private plane and … have a good time,” Russell said in a video. “We’re going to take you guys out to one of our favorite restaurants, and we can’t wait.”

Russell and Ciara Wilson announce double date giveaway. @ciara/Instagram

Ciara added that she’s excited to see who will win and is anticipating a good time with the lucky couple. “We’re curious about who we’re going to sit with and chop it up with and talk about life with and laugh with because we love laughing and we love eating some good food, so we’re looking forward to doing that with you guys. The four of us! Double-dating it up!”

While the surprise drew positive reactions from followers, Ciara’s single fans, who still want their shot to hang with the couple, had some thoughts.

“I’m about to find a boyfriend so we can win! Oh my God I’m already jealous of the winners”

“Can I just be a third wheel, Ci? I don’t have a man. 😂”

“Awwww that’s so sweet. Let me find me a man real quick 😩😩😩”

“Can it be me and my cat?! 💀”


“Damn I gotta find a manzz. Russ u got any friends for me”

The power couple concluded their video by passing the challenge along to some of their celebrity friends, calling out John Legend and Chrissy Teigen, Jay-Z and Beyonce, and Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez.

Fans can visit to donate money for a chance to be entered into the contest of their choice, or bid on celebrity items. “Through the newly created ALL IN Challenge, sponsored by the All In Challenge Foundation, the world’s preeminent sports, music and entertainment figures will donate their most prized possessions and be challenged to create once-in-a-lifetime experiences that will be both available for online auction and as giveaways,” according to their website.

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