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‘Do That Sh-t Shan’: Fans Fawn Over Ashanti’s Lil’ Twerk in Boy Shorts

The former Princess of Murder Inc., Ashanti, has been in the music industry for almost twenty years and is still reaping the benefits from records dropped 18 years ago.

Her debut album, “Ashanti,” featured Billboard hits “Happy” and “Baby,” which is a track that keeps on giving. The songstress recently collaborated with rapper Da Baby and Megan Thee Stallion on “Nasty.” The new song not only samples “Baby” but also features Ashanti.

Ashanti has fans fawning over her as she dances in boy shorts. @ashanti/Instagram

On the day the latest rendition of her hit song was released, Ashanti took some time out on Friday, April 17, to acknowledge her success and hit her followers with a few playful dance moves in tiny black boy shorts that barely peeked from beneath her T-shirt.

While in her bedroom the 39-year-old tip-toed to a full-length mirror and did a cute lil’ twerk as she mouthed her parts of the song: “Pick me up and put these thighs around yo neck, he mesmerized, tattooed on his mind, he won’t forget”

Fans ate up her caption about the importance of an artist owning their publishing, and, of course, they raved about her stunning appearance.

“A REAL BOSS!!🖊️ game untouchable!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥”

“Educating the people on looking fine as hell!”

In full, the caption read, “Super humbled & grateful to have classic, timeless records… 18 years ago today my first album “Ashanti” hit number one, which featured my 3rd single “Baby” Ironically today the 2020 version of “Baby” a.k.a. “Nasty” with @dababy & @theestallion was released & had Me & “Nasty” Top Trending on Twitter 🤗 To every artist out there please understand how very important it is to write and get/own your publishing. Thank u guys for all the love ❤️🙏🏽”

Pick me up and put these thighs around yo’ neck He mesmerized, tattoed his mind, he won’t forget

“Body goals😍” and “Your body is on point” wrote others.

“Do that sh-t Shan!!🔥🔥🔥,” exclaimed another.

The fact that Ashanti’s looks have not aged in nearly two decades also had fans shook.

“She never ages!”

“A timeless 👑👑 you are 😍😍”

“Still looking like its 2002😍”

“So happy and proud to see u still thriving and laughing”

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