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‘What a New Way to Clean The Floor’: Jada Pinkett Smith’s At-Home Workout Derails With Folks Noticing How Much Floor She Has to Slide Across

Actress and petite stunner Jada Pinkett Smith has long been revered by her following as someone with goddess-like looks and a body many consider nothing less than a blessing.

From her days on “It’s A Different World” to her roles in movies like “It’s a Low Down Dirty Shame,” “The Matrix” series and new cult classic “Girls Trip,” Smith has always wowed fans.

Jada Pinkett Smith tried to show fans an easy way to get a good workout in, but all they could focus on was how much floor space she has. (Photo: @jadapinkettsmith/Instagram)

The 48-year-old recently shared a video to her social showing fans how to get a good upper-body workout in with nothing more than a towel, the floor and your own body weight.

Smith captioned the video, “Chile what a towel on the floor will do!” But her followers were more in the mindset of “chile, how much floor do you think we have?”

“Two pulls and you went across my whole kitchen though,” wrote one person.

“Two pulls and you went across my whole apartment! One pull until I bang into my couch! 😩,” chimed in another person.

“I don’t have that much floor…lol NYC living” and “Too bad I have carpet in my apartment.”

“Celebs think we all live the same way,” said someone probably reeling in disbelief that the actress has enough floor to pull her body across, all for a workout.

Some even joked that the video was showcasing a new way to clean.

“What a new way to clean the floor?”

“Issa 2 in 1! Workout and clean! Genius”

All jokes aside, folks were definitely impressed with her strength and back muscles.

“Beast Mode!”

“Your back muscles are to die for ❤️❤️❤️”

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