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‘My, My, My’: Jada Pinkett Smith’s Tousled Tresses and Golden Skin Leave Fans Stunned

Jada Pinkett Smith has proven time and time again that she does not have to do a lot of flexing for her beauty to be recognized and appreciated by the masses.

The beauty posted a photo of herself showing off her glowing skin, sultry eyes and her golden blond dyed curly tresses. In less than 24 hours the photo racked up more than half a million likes.

The fab mother of superstar children Jaden and Willow Smith has never been one to disappoint in the looks department. Since her days on “A Different World,” to her role as Peaches in the movie “It’s A Low Dow Dirty Shame,” Smith has left audiences in awe of her beauty.

Now, at age 48, the actress and philanthropist has seemingly put the brakes on aging and the pedal to the metal on her youthful beauty.

Swooning fans who had nothing but praise for Smith’s latest photo of her golden beauty and tousled hair left comments reminding the “Red Table Talk” host that she is everything from a goddess to a national treasure.

“You betta beautiful 😍”

“If the sun was a person! Beautiful Queen! 😊😊👑”

“My, my, my 😍 “

Judging by the appearance of Smith’s mother, Adrienne Banfield-Jones, nearly ageless good looks is all in the genes. Since the debut of the hit Facebook roundtable show, Jones has left fans with gaping mouths at her stunning figure and face at the age of 67.

The mother-daughter duo even made waves while on summer vacation when their matching abs and toned physiques were snapped on the beach. Not to be left out, even Willow got in on the fitness bug that both her mother and grandmother have.

A photo of the three women left fans stunned and reaffirmed that the right combination of genes can have you looking like right for a lifetime.

“Them genes 🔥🔥🔥”

“Beautiful dripping down the generations”

“Grandma bear is on 🔥🔥”.

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