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‘I Know’: Ciara Hits Back After Fans Notice This About Her Face Mask

Soon-to-be mommy of three Ciara is not playing any games when it comes to keeping her and her unborn child safe as they venture into the streets amid ‘the Rona’ outbreak.

The ever-so-cautious singer has even taken to social to have candid conversations with her celebrity friends like La La Anthony and her fans, slowly giving more, real glimpses into the union with her husband Russell Wilson.

Fans couldn’t help but to notice singer Ciara’s face mask was upside down while at a doctor’s appointment. (Photo: @ciara/Instgram)

The “Melanin” singer even took fans along to a prenatal check-up, showing how even a doctor’s appointment looks a bit different.

Decked in an N95 medical mask and gloves, with a cell phone recording her and another on FaceTime with her husband, Ciara provided a peek into the reality of social distancing in medical environments.

Before her followers could start carrying on about their own pregnancies or congratulating her, things derailed, with her upside-down mask stealing the show.

“Your mask in on upside down!!!” and “Umm…your mask is upside down 😷” read the comments of several people.

“Good to know people recognize the difference with the mask, but y’all don’t need to run it into the ground. She’ll be fine,” wrote another.

Eventually Cici jumped into her comments with a response that said it all.

“I know, but I refused to take it off and fix it in the office 😂.”

With all the social distancing distractions aside, fans are still thrilled to finally know that the Wilsons are expecting their first son together!

“So excited for baby boy to come 🙌🏿 a major blessing especially during this time”

The singer and NFL star share a daughter, Sienna, and Ciara’s son, Future, from a previous relationship. They announced the gender of baby number three by shooting blue confetti into the air.

“Congrats to you all!!!🎉”

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