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‘That S–t Pisses Me Off’: Monica Speaks on Infidelity Rumors, Divorce from Shannon Brown on ‘Friends and Family Hustle’

Monica is adamant about keeping her and Shannon Brown‘s past marital woes under wraps.

On the premiere of “T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle,” the 39-year-old R&B crooner discussed how the rumors about her divorce affected her. When the couple announced their divorce to the world, rumors of Brown cheating instantly began swirling. Monica never revealed why she and her ex-husband departed ways, but that didn’t stop reports or people claiming it was infidelity.

Fayetteville, Ga. – Shannon Brown and singer Monica attend Rick Ross’ 40th Birthday Celebration on January 28, 2016, in Fayetteville, Georgia. (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images for The Vanity Group)

In the April 15 episode, the mother of three addressed the gossip and hearsay, telling V-103 host Frank Ski that “a lot of what you read about us did not happen.”

In her confessional, Monica expressed how upset the rumors made her, especially since folks didn’t think about how her children would be affected.

“People feel like I’ve been really tight-lipped about my divorce. Even my friends were surprised about how they found out the news,” she added in her confessional. “But I noticed that the more silent I would be, the more people took their ideas of what was happening in my life, and made it a reality. That’s the type of shit that pisses me off.”

The singer drew different responses from viewers.

“I just wish she would open up more or at least share it in the music because as women I’m sure we all can relate on some level.. whatever the man did.”

“She married a man that cheated on her before the marriage. What did she think was gonna happen? Lol”

“@monicadenise doesn’t owe us an explanation 🤦🏾‍♀️ as long as she happy. I don’t think he cheated, they just went they own separate ways”

Tiny Harris
Laiyah Shannon Brown, Monica and Major Harris (@majorgirl/Instagram)

“The blogs always create fake stories but I think he cheated. She is secretive tho. Nobody even knew she was getting a divorce. 🙈”

Monica and Brown wed in 2010 and officially divorced in October 2019. The former couple share a 5-year-old daughter, Laiyah Brown. Monica has two sons from a previous relationship.

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