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‘New Way of Life’: Ja Rule Donates Masks to New York City Homeless and Launches His Own Line of Stylish Face Masks

Ja Rule said the homeless often get forgotten about when the current outbreak and the need for social distancing gets discussed. So, to help, he’s donated 3,000 face masks to New York City’s homeless population.

Rule has partnered with David Prince of Prince Management for the donation, as well as the charitable organization Knock, Knock Give a Sock.

“Unfortunately, masks are going to be a new way of life,” Rule told Page Six. “The homeless population are people we often forget about. These are the people who can’t stay home and social distance. But they are part of our society.”

“This is becoming a real situation that they cannot dig out of, and now families can end up on the street,” he added.

Besides the donation, Rule is also releasing his own line of face masks under his Iconn brand that’s intended not only for protection but to be worn for style. The masks will go for $20, and he’ll donate one mask for each sold. They’ll arrive next week, according to a message he posted to Instagram.

“I wear a mask every day. That’s why I want to make something cool, because the one I had looked whack,” Rule explained during his interview. “I needed something to go with my ‘fit, so I’m gonna have fun with it.”

Meanwhile, there’s a chance that Rule could be facing his longtime nemesis 50 Cent in an online battle. A lot of artists have been battling each other during the call to self-quarantine by playing their hits.

People like Timbaland and Swizz Beatz have already faced each other, and T-Pain and Lil Jon have done the same.

Arguably, the most anticipated battle came over the weekend when RZA took on DJ Premier, which at one point had 191,000 people who joined.

Rule said during a phone call with Fat Joe on Sunday, April 12, that he’d be willing to battle 50.

“I’ll behave,” Rule told Beatz, who was on Instagram Live with him during his chat with Joe.

Rule and 50 have been beefing since the early 2000s, and they haven’t made up since.

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