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‘Kaav is Ready to Fight Me’: Gabrielle Union Tries to Smile Her Way Through Her Daughter’s Epic Easter Meltdown

By now almost everyone knows that actress Gabrielle Union-Wade and former NBA star Dwyane Wade have the shadiest child in their toddler daughter Kaavia James Wade. From serving side-eyes and blank stares, the “Shady Baby” is often referred to as a mood — even in a rare moment of tears.

While some families were trying to make the most of the Easter holiday while trying to avoid ‘the rona,’ the 1-year old was having a full meltdown after Union refused to let the toddler play with a cellphone.

Gabrielle Union smiles through her daughter Kaavia James Wade’s epic Easter meltdown. Photo: @gabunion/Instagram

Union, never one to miss out on a photo op with her little one, made sure the moment was captured in both pictures and videos.

Union even wrote in the caption, “Keepin it 💯 @kaaviajames is not happy we cut her off from electronics. She’s downright irate at this toddler injustice. Irate I say. Trying to enjoy it all BTW… the 1st video cuts off right where Kaav is ready to fight me in the street to get her hands on a phone.”

Fans who have never witnessed the littlest Wade in distress were in tears over the meltdown.

“SHE IS OVER IT ALL!!! SHE IS ME AND I AM HER!!😩😩😩😩,” wrote actress Taraji P. Henson, who is often seen gushing over “Shady Baby” in the comments.

“Feenin for that Sesame Street. #canrelate”

“This stage is SOOOO fun 😂🙂 but you love em and they are so cute ❤️soooo happy Easter!”

“Oh she’s pissed! Lol chill babygirl! It’s gonna be ok 😘”

Gabrielle Union smiles while holding a squirming Kaavia James Wade, who is reaching for a cellphone she’s not allowed to have at the moment. (Photos: @gabunion/Instagram)

As if the tears of laughter weren’t already flowing at the child’s expense, Union’s comment “He has risen … but not for this” finished them.

“Can’t wait till this child starts talking so we can really find out what’s gong on😂”

“That #MomLife is real! Lol I see it in your face sis…lol!”

“This baby will be a meme for the rest of her life😂😂😂😂 I love this baby!”

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