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‘That Side Eye Though’: Gabrielle Union’s Daughter Remains True to Shady Baby Title

When it comes to nicknames, some seem to be given without rhyme or reason, while others appear to fit someone perfectly, which is the case with Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade‘s daughter Kaavia James.

The famous couple nicknamed their little one “Shady Baby” shortly after she arrived in November of 2018 through a surrogate. They even trademarked the nickname earlier this year to launch products like clothing, hair care supplies and jewelry.

“She’s painfully unbothered,” Union once said about the face her daughter makes, which gave rise to the nickname.

And that face was on full display in a new batch of photos that Union shared of Baby James on Thursday, and a lot of people said her nickname couldn’t be any more fitting.

One picture shows James giving a vicious side look as if whatever was in her periphery disgusted her.

“That side eye though 🤣,” one of Union’s followers wrote underneath.

“That last look😍😂,” someone else stated.

“That last picture looks like it sums up her personality,” wrote a third Instagram user.

And as far as the Shady Baby merchandise that Union and Wade said was coming, some of it has arrived. In fact, the retired hoops star posted photos of Shady Baby sweaters to his Instagram page on Thursday.

One, which is in black, has a drawing of James on the front and another shows the words “Shady Baby” written out.

@gabunion Instagram

“Everyone has been reaching out about these limited #ShadyBaby sweaters that @yngdna did for @kaaviajames 1st birthday‼️” wrote James in the caption. “Well… go to and get yours now!!!”

A lot of people put fire emojis in the comments to show their approval of the sweaters, and others said they were impressed by them.

“lil sis got her own collection … she aint even turn two yet,” someone wrote.

“Sheeeesh I need one of these!! 🔥,” another person commented.

@dwyanewade Instagram
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