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‘Zhuri Got All The Swag’: LeBron James’ Daughter Steals the Show in Yet Another Family TikTok

Regardless of the money NBA superstar LeBron James amasses or the accolades he will achieve, his daughter Zhuri Nova James will always steal his shine, and that of the rest of the family, when she is on the scene.

The 5-year-old princess of the family is a force to be reckoned with, and fans cannot seem to get enough of her booming personality often captured on videos shared to social by James or his wife, Savannah James.

LeBron James’ daughter Zhuri is back to stealing the show in yet another family TikTok. @kingjames/Instagram

With all the hype surrounding rapper Drake’s latest single “Toosie Slide” and the accompanying dance that has TikTok going up, it was only right that the James gang jump on the bandwagon.

Gathered in their chilling-at-home attire, the family put their best foot forward and hit the “Toosie Slide,” only to be outdone by lil’ miss thang jumping into a split on the floor.

“You can tell this was Z’s idea. She’s going crazy,” commented one person.

“Zhuri is such a little star🌟” and “ZHURI GOT ALL THE SWAG IN THE WORLD❗🔥,” wrote others.

“Beyonce brought her backup dancers,” joked another at how the littlest James consistently steals the show.

“I’m telling you Zhuri the real goat of the family😂”

The pint-sized diva is forever turned all the way up when the camera is rolling.

She has so much personality that her parents even allowed her to have her very own YouTube series, appropriately titled “All Things Zhuri.” Fans who cannot seem to get enough of the little one can catch her whipping up sweet treats, doing yoga, hanging with her superstar dad and more.

But of course folks can always catch her doing the most on her dad’s social too!

“Beautiful family and precious memories to cherish forever”

“James family is undefeated.”

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