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‘Kit & Ryan Giggling’: ‘Black Ink Crew’ Fans Say Ceaser Emanuel’s Shop Possibly Closing Down Is ‘Karma’

Black Ink Crew” star Ceaser Emanuel has been facing a hard time this season and viewers don’t feel bad for him one bit.

The Black Ink owner learned that his Harlem tattoo shop could be closed down due to a shady landlord. In the April 9 episode, Emanuel revealed that after paying his lease faithfully for the last 10 years, his landlord wanted him to vacate the premises. The reason why isn’t clear.

Ceaser Emanuel
(photo credit: VH1 screenshot)

Emanuel decided to get his attorney involved, but it apparently didn’t help much. The attorney told him that the only way he would be able to keep his tattoo space is if he agreed to pay the landlord over $11,000 in rent monthly, which is more than double the amount Emanuel claimed he was paying.

“I’ve been here over 10 years, you gone try and do this bullshit to me? $11,000 a f–king month,” Emanuel yelled in his confessional. He went on to say that he refused to pay that much a month for that space, especially since it’s in a rough neighborhood.

The Black Ink owner and his crew staged a protest to prevent the landlord from closing down their shop. Emanuel was clearly upset about everything that was going on and felt the landlord’s actions were unfair.

Black Ink Crew” viewers, however, offered no sympathy for the New York boss, and said it was karma for his starting drama with his ex-girlfriend Miss Kitty and his former “Black Ink Crew: Chicago ally Ryan Henry.

“This is what you call karma. Kitty and Ryan are somewhere giggling it up 🤣🤣🤣”

“Karma comes quicker than you think….😑 but want to go to Chicago 😂”

“Black ink new York is a j0ke now they need to take it off the air period. Dats wat he gets for treating kitty like dat.”

“I don’t feel bad for him at all! Karmaaaaaaaa 😂 Did Ryan buy the building 😂😂😂😂now that would be hilarious af”

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