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‘I’m Invited to the Cook Out Again’: Tammy Rivera Redeems Her Black Card After Nailing the Captain Hook Challenge on TikTok

Man, oh man, after failing miserably at the “Savage” challenge and being told to “sit yo married ass down” by husband Waka Flocka, Tammy Rivera nailed dance moves and maintained rhythm, to the pleasant surprise of fans.

When the curvaceous former “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” cast member first attempted the “Savage” challenge — in which she looked more like a savage robot — some fans were left howling, while others wasted no time snatching Rivera’s “black card.” But Rivera refused to accept a permanent “L” in the TikTok dance world.

Tammy Rivera proves she can hit TikTok dance moves after all. @charliesangelll/Instagram

After hours of practice and the assistance of a friend, Rivera returned to social with a video of her flawlessly swagging out the Captain Hook challenge. “OKKKKKK YALL HAD ME F—-D UP IT TOOK ME A WHILE BUT —H IM BACK! 😩😂 @iamalexisbranch Thank sis for not letting your friend go out like willie lump lump! P.s it took me bout 2 hours to learn this And lawd knows these lil movements are a workout! #captainhookchallenge,” wrote Rivera.

“Ok that’s how you shake back cuh,” wrote one person.

“😂😂N they bet now EVA try to come for you agaiiin!😂😂I got you sis!”

“Oh sis ain’t come to play with NONE OF YALL😂😍,” wrote another.

The playful moment was hilariously one of motivation for some fans too.

“if Tammy can do it we can too lol”

Even Rivera had to jump in her own comments, writing, “I’m invited to the cook out again!!😂”

Feeling redeemed, the mother of 14-year-old daughter Charlie followed up with a video stating she now felt like she was sitting with the cool kids.

“I just want y’all to know from now on I will do my best to hold up my community and never mess up again!”

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