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‘Boogie Blunt’: Kevin Hart Tells Funny Story About the First Time He Smoked Weed With Snoop Dogg

Kevin Hart told a humorous story on Instagram Thursday, April 2, as part of his “Confessions From the Hart” series.

It had to do with the comedian’s first time smoking marijuana with Snoop Dogg, which according to his story wasn’t pleasant at all. It happened around the time they filmed the 2004 movie “Soul Plane” together.

Kevin Hart (left) seemed to get a lot of laughs after he told a funny story about Snoop Dogg (right). (Photo: Kevin Mazur/WireImage via Getty Images)

According to Hart, getting the chance to smoke with Snoop was a unique opportunity, one he just had to take.

“Man, you get an opportunity to smoke with Snoop, even if you don’t smoke, you gotta smoke with Snoop, because that’s f—–g Snoop,” he explained. “You got to do it to say you did it.”

But before the smoke session even began, Hart said he saw something that let him know that Snoop was far from a novice when it comes to weed.

“Snoop had this s–t in the room that takes the smoke out the room,” Hart described. “I forgot what it’s called, but it basically takes the smoke and tries to put fresh air in the room where the smoke is taking all the fresh air out. … I’m at a level of my life where I’ve never seen no s–t like this.”

Hart then said besides him and Snoop, Don “Magic” Juan was there, as were a couple of Juan’s guys. Eventually, everyone sat in chairs that were formed in a circle, and two blunts were lit, then passed around.

At one point, confusion set in for Hart, because Snoop and Juan began speaking in a language that he just couldn’t decipher.

“I just remember Snoop kept saying ‘Pimpin’, church, church, that’s pimpin’,’” Hart recalled. “Nothing’s really making sense, but I’m just quiet. I’m too young to say this is all confusing and gibberish. ‘You know, nephew, it ain’t nothing but a thang if you ain’t got that on the back of ‘lac.’ What?” What did Bishop say? None of it is registering to me.”

Then Juan did something that Hart said not only violated the smoke session but caused him to leave it.

“Out of the corner of my eye, I see Bishop take the blunt and put the blunt up his nose,” Hart explained. “I said, ‘What the f–k just happened here?’ He did it again. The first one I thought I was seeing s–t, the second one confirmed that I wasn’t.”

“He then takes that same blunt and passes it to me,” he continued. “I said, ‘You can keep that. I’m not going to put my mouth on that.’ … Snoop started laughing.” 

Hart then saw that Juan was going to do the same thing with another blunt and was equally disgusted.

“It looks like my moment of smoking with Snoop was over,” he stated. “That’s a boogie blunt.”

Afterward, people were rolling with laughter, according to the Instagram comments they left.

“🤣🤣🤣🤣 You are a damn fool Kev!” one person wrote.

“Thisns–t was hilariously hilarious,” wrote another.

“Thank You for making me laugh and putting a smile on my face!😊,” a third comment read.

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