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‘I Feel Bad’: Kevin Hart’s Hilarious Story Involving Jay-Z, Beyoncé and a Bottle of Juice Cracks People Up

Kevin Hart has made countless people laugh by telling funny stories from the stage throughout his career, and he recently did the same on Instagram.

Like a lot of celebrities, Hart has been entertaining folks on social media while self-quarantining. On Monday he told a story about Jay-Z and Beyoncé that many said they found hilarious. The clip is part of his “Confessions From the Hart” series, and it’s already been viewed over two million times.

Kevin Hart (L) told a story about Jay-Z (C) and Beyoncé (R) that many said they found hilarious. (Photo: Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images/Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images)

Hart begins the story by saying that he and the superstar couple were at a nightclub in Houston for All-Star Weekend, which would’ve been 2013 based on the last time the All-Star game was played in that city.

Hart explains that he and the Carters were sitting in different VIP sections inside the club, and once seeing Jay he decided to go over to say hello.

“After a long conversation, he goes ‘Kev, what you drinking?’ ” Hart said of Jay-Z. “I go to look down and I say, ‘Oh, let me get some of this, but I’m going to mix it with the pineapple juice.’ I go reach my hand for the pineapple juice, the pineapple juice spills. We just watching it. It’s all falling out.”

Hart then said he apologized to Jay for spilling the juice. Then both of them realized there was a victim of the spill, none other than Beyoncé.

“He comes back up to me and goes, ‘Kev, you just spilled pineapple juice all over my wife’s legs and shoes,'” Hart remembered Jay saying. “I look behind him, I see B sitting down … She got like a f—–g pound of napkins wiping everything … So I just look at Hov and say, ‘I need to make this right because I feel bad.'”

Hart explained in order to make amends, he reached in his pocket, pulled out some money and slipped it into the hand of Jay-Z, who told him it wasn’t necessary.

But Hart insisted that Jay take the money and told him, “Don’t open your hand until I leave because I don’t want to feel bad.”

“I leave, walk out, get to my other side, I look over at Hov to see if he’s looked in his hand,” Hart explained. “I can tell he did because he’s shaking his head, and he’s looking for me. It’s a look of disgust on his face. I gave him $20.

“That’s all I had on me at the time,” he added. “I was hoping that $20 would cover whatever the price of that pineapple juice was. It wasn’t about B’s outfit or her shoes. I couldn’t afford to cover that cost. I just paid for the pineapple juice, and I got the f–k out of there.”

In the comments, a lot of people let Hart know how much they enjoyed his story, as well as his humorous nature.

“My word Kev you one funny brotha! Im smiling,” one person wrote.

“Maaaannn ik jay was looking for yo ass 😂😂😂💀,” another fan commented.

While a third person wrote, “We need more 🤣🤣🤣😭😭.”

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