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‘I Love a Bald Head’: Janet Jackson Reveals That She Thought About Shaving Her Head

When people look up the word courageous in the dictionary, it’s quite surprising that Janet Jackson‘s face does not appear on the pages. The five- time Grammy-winning artist revealed that there was a time in her life when she thought about shaving her head completely bald.

Janet Jackson flaunting her long, black hair. @janetjackson/Instagram

The “Control” hitmaker shared her thoughts about hair after watching an emotional video about a girl who shaved off her eyebrows in honor of her younger sister battling cancer. Jackson reposted the clip to her personal Instagram page on April 1. “This made me cry. I was actually going to shave my head for the janet. Tour and was going to talk to all the kids to do the same. I love a bald head, especially on a woman I think it’s beautiful,” she wrote.

Janet Jackson reposted a video of a girl shaving off her eyebrows in honor of her younger sister battling cancer. @janetjackson/Instagram

The original video was posted to Instagram by a young woman named Camila. Camila shaved off her eyebrows after her younger sister, Gaby, seemingly felt ugly about her hairless appearance amid her cancer battle. Camila implied in her clip that hair does not make a person beautiful. “These don’t make you pretty. They don’t make you,” Camila told her sister.

The heartwarming video went viral, and fans flooded their social media account with words of endearment toward Gaby. The “Good Times” childhood star also offered the sisters a few words of encouragement as they continued their fight against cancer. “Stay positive Stay strong. You’re so beautiful 🤗🙏🏽,” she wrote on Instagram.

The 53-year-old music icon revealed in an interview with In Style that there was a period in her life when she suffered from her own insecurities. She mentioned there were times when she would look at her body in the mirror and start crying. She said, “I didn’t like that I was not attractive. I didn’t like that about me.” The singer gained her confidence back by learning how to fall in love with bits and pieces of her body, little by little.

Jackson explained that as she got older she started to feel more secure in her body. She admitted that she went to therapy to find the different things within herself that brought her happiness.”Lots of different things can make someone beautiful. It’s vulnerability. It’s power. It’s confidence. It’s happiness. It’s seeing the goodness in soul. It’s spirituality. It’s being selfless and what you do for others before doing for yourself,” she said.

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