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‘Babies Ruin Relationships’: Lil Baby’s Ex-Girlfriend Jayda Cheaves Sparks Debate About Children and Relationships

Jayda Cheaves, the ex-girlfriend of rapper Lil Baby became a trending topic this week on Twitter after making a few controversial remarks in a video.

In an Instagram live video re-posted by an Instagram blog on Sunday, April 6, the social influencer urged non-single women to not have children with their partner.

Jayda Cheaves
Atlanta, Ga. – September 2: Jayda Cheaves and Lil Baby attend the Legendary Weekend Grand finale at the Gold Room on September 2, 2019, in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Prince Williams/Wireimage)

“If you are in a relationship right now and you don’t have kids, don’t have them,” Cheaves said in the video. She said she told her best friend not to get pregnant by her boyfriend because a child could cause her relationship to end.

“Don’t have a baby have fun,” the 20-year-old insisted, while picking up her 1-year-old son Loyal. “I love my baby don’t get me wrong but like they ruin relationships to me.”

Cheaves’ comments brought on backlash from Twitter users.

“I get what she’s trying to say. She just worded it incorrectly. It’s more so that having children exposes a person’s true character.”

“The problem here is not having a baby. The problem here is people thinking having a baby will fix an already broken relationship.”

“She had a baby with someone who did not wanna be with her someone who made her his baby momma the very ppl she used to laugh at and make fun of she is now that. Of course she would rather go back to being able to look down on everybody else now that everyone else talks abt her”

“Nah babies don’t ruin nun. That relationship wasn’t as strong as she thought it was so when serious situations come if the foundation ain’t strong it’s gonna break n show ppl colours don’t blame the child. Babies are a blessing”

“WOWW. I was with her until the ‘babies ruin relationships’ part. Enjoy your twenties. DONT have kids. Wait till you’re established and married. But to say that’s what ruined the relationship?”

After social media trolled her for her comments, Cheaves later tweeted, “Having a baby with someone will force you into seeing shit you ain’t even wanna see.. it shows both parties TRUE COLORS” and “That’s wtf i meant!”

Jayda Cheaves
Jayda Cheaves. @waydajayda/twitter

When a fan asked Cheaves if she regretted having her son with Lil Baby, she said “hell nah” and noted that her message was for women who think a child will fix their already broken relationship.

“Loyal was suppose to be on this earth regardless that’s why i ended up pregnant,”she said via Twitter. “That message was to the girls whos dying to have kids. Who feel like a baby will keep a nigga.”

Jayda Cheaves. @waydajayda/twitter

Cheaves and the “Woah” rapper welcomed their son Loyal in February 2019. After dating for a few years, the pair decided to split this February over Lil Baby’s allegedly cheating on her. Despite their tumultuous relationship, the young stars agreed that raising their son was their focus.

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