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‘U F–ked Up’: Black Ink Crew’ Fans Deem Van Johnson a ‘Snake’ After He Teams Up With Ceaser and Disses Ryan

It looks like Van Johnson has inserted himself into the recent feud between “Black Ink Crew” star Ceaser Emanuel and “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” headliner Ryan Henry.

Emanuel and Henry have been at odds since last season after Emanuel was told by his employees that Henry allegedly was sleeping with his ex-girlfriend Miss Kitty. The “Black Ink” owner not only declared war on Henry, he also deemed the Chicago tattoo artist disloyal. Henry’s former best friend and mentor Johnson also co-signed what Emanuel was saying.

Van Johnson
Van Johnson (left) and Ryan Henry (right). (Photos: VH1 screen grabs)

In the April 1 episode, Johnson met the New York tattoo shop owner at the Philly tattoo convention and discussed his old friend’s “manipulative” ways. Johnson apparently had heard about the two tattoo shop owners’ drama over Kitty.

“It’s always been a disconnect with me and that n–ga for some way, somehow, and I could never put my finger on it, bro,” Johnson told Emanuel. “I just don’t know with this cat, because he’ll seem cooler than a mutherf–ker.”

The Chicagorilla clothing brand owner added in his confessional, “Once Ryan gets to a certain type of stature, feels himself too much, then he just starts s–ting on people that helped him get to the point he’s at. I would never do no s–t like that to a person you claim to be your quote-unquote ‘brother.’”

Johnson also told Emanuel that he needed to watch out for Henry’s “manipulative” ways. The Black Ink owner agreed and said Henry tries to act like a “good dude” but he’s really a “f–k boy.”

Black Ink Crew” viewers slammed Johnson for teaming up with his old bestie’s new foe behind his back.

“Van a sucka for that but hey bald headed n-ggas gotta stick together😭”

“Damn Van u done f–ked up now smh. No matter what u n Ryan go threw yall still homies. Now u wanna be cool wit Cease smh. Dats a b–ch move”

“Van ain’t gone never get back in 9mag 🤦🏾‍♂️ He digging a deeper hole for himself 😂”

“I would have never thought it would come down to this, let alone it be Van doing something so slithery and foul! He a snake!”

“Ceasar the fact that you’re acting like Kitty owes you loyalty when you never claimed her is insane. 🙄 you gave her more grief than anything. Van is trying to get a storyline so he can come back. Messy men trying to be messy females 😭”

Henry responded via Instagram on Thursday, April 2, to the scene of Johnson linking up with Emanuel. He wrote, “Ahhhhhh youngsta… 😉… when the hate don’t work, they start telling lies…Welcome to Chicago✡️ #9MAG”

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