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‘Clean Up’: Angela Simmons ‘After Hours’ Pic Derails When Fans Notice Her ‘Messy House’

It seems social media users are questioning Angela Simmons and her standards of cleanliness.

The “Growing Up Hip Hop” star posted on Instagram the night of Monday, March 30, and uploaded two photos that showed her modeling around the house in casual wear. She wore a towel around her head, a white T-shirt, gray sweatpants and gold stiletto pumps.

Angela Simmons
Angela Simmons @angelasimmons/Instagram

Simmons posed on top of her counter in one image and standing in the middle of her kitchen in another. She looked into the camera with a pot and coffee cup in her hand and captioned her post, “The new after hours #AngelaRenee #HouseMami #BabySleep 🤷🏽‍♀️ leggings”

Critics instantly trashed the 32-year-old mother for having a supposed “messy” house.

“Clean up”

“The ocd and cleaning business in me want to offer to clean the house for free”

“De-clutter too much “stuff” sitting around for my taste.”

“All that money and she messy and unorganized 🤦🏿‍♂️”

“I’ll come wash those clothes in the back… What’s all that stuff on the floor, in the corner sis?”

Angela Simmons
Angela Simmons @angelasimmons/Instagram

Fans, however, jumped to her defense against critics.

“Minus the clothes pile and the shoes she just switched out of for the heels it’s not even messy. Y’all just wanna have something to say smh 🙄”

“I literally don’t see anything unless I’m missing a picture. The food is stacked neatly on the counter, boxes are neatly again the wall, she just has to do laundry.. I wish everyone would go away. She’s nowhere near messy🤦”

Although fans seemed less than impressed with Simmons’ cleaning skills, there’s no denying the fact that she’s a natural beauty.

Last week, the mother of one won over the internet after she posed for a photo completely makeup free and there wasn’t one blemish in sight. Not to mention, she rocked her natural curly tresses in a bun and wore an oversized sweatshirt.

Angela SImmons
Angela Simmons @angelasimmons/Instagram

Her fans were taken aback by her gorgeous looks.

“Such a natural beauty. Share the secrets 😂 MY SKIN NEEDS A UPGRADE DURING THIS RONA 😂,” one user wrote.

A second added, “Sis what facial products do U use or what kind of facial do u get ❤️❤️❤️❤️tour face always looks amazing.”

The third concluded, “You’re glowing a Natural hottie 🔥. “

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