‘Natural Beauty’: Angela Simmons’ Makeup-Free Face Has Fans Convinced That She’s Glowing


Angela Simmons sported a makeup-free face on social media and fans are falling head over heels in love with her blemish-free face. Simmons, a cast member of “Growing Up Hip Hop,” appears to be feeling comfortable in her own skin.

The fashion designer pulled up to the ‘Gram wearing a grey sweatshirt. She pinned her long black hair into two high space buns and clipped each bun with a different color hair clip. Simmons apparently was undergoing a few hair treatments. She told fans,”conditioner on my hair all day 👋🏾😊 #GottaMakeTheBestOfItAll ✅,” to describe her Instagram photo.

The reality star posed for her natural selfie by placing her hand on her head. She gave viewers a glimpse of her multicolored fingernails. Fans appeared to be distracted by her flawless face and took to social media to post their comments.

“Share the secrets 😂 MY SKIN NEEDS A UPGRADE DURING THIS RONA 😂,” one fan jokingly said.

“Natural beauty 💜,” a second fan gushed.

A third user wrote, “That skin tho💯💯.”

“Everyone I know that’s Vegan, skin looks like this😍😍😍,” a fourth fan said.

@angelasimmons what do you use on your skin,” a fifth user asked.

A sixth fan said,” 😍 Yes bare face; you are glowing.”

Angela Simmons sporting her bare face and natural hair @angelasimmons/Instagram

Simmons seems to be taking her beauty regimens very seriously. She revealed that she conditions her hair regularly and braids her natural tresses up when she wears a weave. In addition to her taking care of her natural hair, she also implied that she maintains her healthy-looking skin by washing her face daily and removing all her makeup.

Angela Simmons working out next to her son Sutton Joseph Tennyson @angelasimmons/Instagram

The New York native gave birth to her son, Sutton Joseph Tennyson, in 2016. She shared that her skincare routine has switched up slightly since becoming a mother. In an interview with BET, Simmons said that she now has to wait for her son to fall asleep before she is able to take off her makeup. “At nighttime, sometimes I have to wait to wash my face until he goes to sleep! I guess when you’re home, you’re home and you just don’t want to do as much. You just want to be a mom!”

From the looks of things, Simmons is practicing self-care this year. The full-time mother has flooded her social media account with videos of her working out in the hopes of maintaining her snatched physique. Simmons is also a clean eater and sticks to a strict vegetarian diet.

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