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‘Mark My Words’: Tory Lanez Says He Plans to Open a Global Organization for Troubled Youth

Tory Lanez said he wants to help those kids society has deemed as problematic.

It’s something the rapper revealed in a Monday, March 30 tweet. Lanez said he wants to bring his idea to different parts of the globe.

“Mark my words …. I’m going to make a foundation and a chain of places like ‘Boys and Girls club’ all around the world. For kids in less fortunate situations, that loss family members to the system or to the grave .. and kids that are quote on quote ‘going down the wrong path,'” he tweeted.

Lanez then said that children who don’t thrive in school often get ignored, a reality to which he can relate.

“The world doesn’t pay enough attention to the kids that don’t do well academically. Not realizing those kids are the future influencers of our next generation to come,” he wrote. “I was one of those kids. And when I figure out exactly how to shine more light on these special kids. I WILL.”

A lot of people left comments under Lanez’s post and said they love his idea.

“GOOD JOB I CANT WAIT 4 IT, I HOPE IM APART OF THAT,” one person tweeted.

“Nice Visionary Idea Man ! Hope You Succeed in That,” wrote someone else.

“Love that. We need to be able to reach every single kid, every hungry, poor, rich, blind, hurt, etc. No matter what. No excuses,” another person tweeted. “Every time they call making sure someone answers.”

There were also plenty of people who told Lanez they’d love to assist him. Some asked where they could submit a resume and others said they have plenty of experience doing volunteer work.

This wasn’t the first time that Lanez opened up about wanting to help children. Last year when he stopped by “The Breakfast Club” and gave $5,000 to its #Change4Change HBCU scholarship program, he talked about donating his personal time.

“When I’m in LA, I go to this after school spot and sit there and help the kids do homework,” said Lanez. “I like going to places like that to make sure my money will make a difference. Make sure my money gets there.”

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