‘Highway Robbery’: Spike Lee Shares One of His Favorite Scenes He Directed, Says Denzel Washington Was Robbed of an Oscar for His Role

Spike Lee took to Instagram on Friday, March 27, and posted a scene that he directed, which he called one of his favorites.

The clip is from one of the final scenes of his 1992 film “Malcolm X,” starring Denzel Washington. In the scene, Malcolm is heading to his final speech before he’s assassinated at the Audubon Ballroom, formerly located in Manhattan’s Washington Heights section.

Spike Lee (left) recently shared a scene featuring Denzel Washington (right) from one of Lee’s films, a post that sparked a lot of discussion. (Photo: Kevin Reece/WireImage via Getty Images)

Malcolm’s wife, played by Angela Bassett, and their children drive in a separate car to the speech, as do the men who assassinate him.

“Tonight For You, I Present Another One Of My Favorite Scenes I’ve Directed,” wrote Lee next to the clip. “Dis S–t Is PERSONAL. From MALCOLM X-Starrin’ My Brother- DA GREAT, DENZEL WASHINGTON With The Legendary SAM COOKE Sangin’ A CHANGE IS GONNA COME. I Might Add This Is One Of My Best Uses Of DA DOUBLE DOLLY SHOT.”

Some might say that Washington played the scene as if Malcolm knew he was going to be killed, since he kept a heavy look on his face. In fact, it’s something in the scene that a woman outside the Audubon, played by the late actress Frances Foster, noticed.

“Sir, are you alright? Are you OK?” she asks. “I recognized you. Don’t you pay them fools no never mind. You just keep right on doing what you doing.”

Lee’s post definitely sparked plenty of nostalgia for his followers, and some asked questions about the scene.

“I always wondered if you directed Denzel to act like Malcolm knew he was going to die that day?” someone asked. “Love this scene and love this movie from top to bottom.”

“Denzel knew what to do,” Lee answered. “We didn’t talk.”

Lee also said that Washington’s performance in “Malcolm X” losing the Oscar for Best Actor to Al Pacino in 1993 was an injustice.

“Highway robbery,” wrote Lee in the comments of his post.

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