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‘He Tryna Facetime His Girl’: Angela Simmons’ Son SJ Is a Trip While Making Phone Calls With His ‘Abs Out’

Angela Simmonstoddler son SJ is truly something else out here on the internet, where his mom stays putting his business on blast.

In the latest episode of “look what SJ is up to,” the 3-year-old is spotted walking around the home in a pair of gray sweatpants — sans socks and shirt — with her earbuds in as he waits for a special someone to pick up his call.

Angela Simmons’ “man child” is ahead of his years as he walks around making phone calls. @angelasimmons/Instagram

Stopped by his mother in what appears to be a hallway, the little guy says, “He’s not answering,” before placing another call. His mom, less concerned about her son’s very important phone call going unanswered, completely changed the subject.

“What, where’s your shirt at?” asked Simmons. Her son simply responded, “Ohhh,” with a cute smile.

As usual, folks on social media were amused by the little fella and his antics.

“SJ is a trip man!!😂😂” and “SJ is a mess Such a BIGG Lil Man,” wrote some who viewed the video. In total, the play button was hit more than 160,000 times.

“So cute who was he calling they better pick up next time”

“He tryna facetime his girl with the abs out 😂,” jokingly wrote one person.

While another person was caught off guard at how much the little kid knows how to do.

“He know how to use a cellphone? Whoa 😳”

“He’s such a lil man😍😍😍”

Now, this is far from the first time Simmons’ son has turned necks with his shenanigans. He’s left his internet aunts and uncles cackling at how he must have the freshest gear when stepping out in these streets, and when he gave his mom the third degree for not cleaning her closet.

Whether he’s flicking it up with his mom, interrupting her TikTok videos, or simply living his best kid life, he always has a bevy of folks swooning over his adorable face.

“His is adorable! 💙”

“😍 handsome lil guy”

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