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‘They Fresh’: Angela Simmons’ Son Has Fans Cackling at His Need for Fresh Gear

Look here, Angela Simmons‘ 3-year-old son is not playing any games when it comes to shopping for the freshest threads.

The “Growing Up Hip Hop” cast member shared a video of her very opinionated toddler on a shopping excursion where he adamantly insisted she purchase him a pair of white velcro strap shoes.

Angela Simmons’ son SJ is all about his ‘fresh’ gear while out shopping. @angelasimmons/Instagram

“Can we put these sneakers back, please? I don’t think you should get these, I don’t think these are the nicest.Why do you need them? Why? I don’t think they that fresh,” says Simmons to her son, who refuses to pass up the sneaks while telling her “they fresh.”

While most would view the video as a child simply trying to get his way, Simmons explained that it was really a learning moment.

“Sooo this a preview of m life?😩 he argues with me in stores about what he wants already lol…I always test him to see if he’s a little leader…a kid who knows what he wants lol (we love Carter’s btw…I’m testing him…to see if he can make his own choice) #WeDoLifeLessonsThroughRealLife This way when anyone ever has something to say about something he wears..He can tell them it’s what he likes…it’s deeper than the post!#parenting”

Those with children sang her praises for valuing her child’s opinions and honoring his ability to express what he wants within reason.

“Exactly! You got it figured out. I do the same with my 2 girls”

“He just knows in his heart they fresh”

“Good to learn early! He won’t crack under peer pressure. He won’t care what anyone thinks he likes what he likes and that’s it.😎”

This isn’t the first time fans have swooned over little Sutton Joseph and his booming personality. From admiring his Spanish-speaking skills, his disdain for his mother including his stuffed animals in her TikTok shenanigans, to his “everything is a mess” judgment of the 32-year-old’s closet, the little one always puts on a show.

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