‘He Do It Without Glory’: Iman Shumpert Explains Why LeBron James Gets So Much Hate

There are certainly a lot of people who love LeBron James, but a number of others have expressed opposite feelings about him.

Iman Shumpert, who won a championship with James in 2016 when they played on the Cleveland Cavaliers, spoke about that hate and gave a reason for it.

Iman Shumpert (right) explained why supposedly some tend to hate LeBron James (left). (Photo: Mitchell Leff /Getty Images Sport via Getty Images)

“Because he does it really well, and he ain’t got no marks on his résumé,” said Shumpert in an interview with This is 50 that surfaced online on March 24. “People just want him to look more like a person, I think. They just want to mark him up a little bit, ’cause he trying so hard to do all the right things.”

Shumpert admitted that James has irked him in the past. But he eventually realized that his former teammate is different from many other NBA players, since he works with so many brands and people.

“To know all of this, his whole career and not really make a terrible step, that’s incredible, and still be playing at this level, that’s incredible,” Shumpert explained. “Still be with that same girl since high school. They really holding each other down, it’s incredible. All this stuff is really, really hard, and he do it without glory for it. He don’t want a cookie for it.”

Shumpert talked about James being a dedicated father to his three kids as well. Then after his interview made the internet rounds, many weighed in with their own take.

“Finally, someone that played with LeBron (besides D-Wade) that truly knows and respects what he brings to the damn table whether from a basketball or business standpoint!” someone tweeted.

“The fact that he never been caught wit another chick, he’s a really good father and friend, that’s all I need to know bout LBJ as a person,” another person followed. “What he does on the court is another level. We need more of this right now. “

“No outside kids, no domestic violence, no criminal history, no sexual assault allegations, no gambling habits, no adultury, no tax evasion, etc etc,” another tweet read. “But idiots always trying to demean this proud black man smh.”

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