‘We’re Fighting Hard:’ Meek Mill Asks Fans to Help Keep Prison Inmates Healthy During the Pandemic


Meek Mill recently took to Twitter and told his followers to help keep prison inmates healthy during the pandemic.

The Reform Alliance, the criminal justice reform organization that Mill started with Jay-Z and others, released its S.A.F.E.R. Plan on March 19. It gives suggestions on how to keep not only inmates from being infected, but guards and staff who leave prisons, then enter society.

Meek Mill asked his Twitter followers to help keep prison inmates healthy during the current pandemic. (Photo: Scott Dudelson/Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images)

“We’re fighting hard, but we need everyone’s voice right now,” tweeted Mill on Wednesday, March 25. “Talk to your Governor today and tell him to protect people behind bars.”

“Yessir Meek,” one of his followers replied.

Some of what the Reform Alliance wants U.S. prisons to do is have “Suspended jail for technical violations,” according to a digital document the organization released. They want to “suspend probation office visits and payment of fines” as well.

The organization asks that inmates receive free medical treatment and visits from a doctor too, plus, be given items like soap, hand sanitizer and “protective gear.”

The other suggestions include extra safety measures put in place to keep correctional officers and staff healthy.

On top of that, they want prisons to allow elderly inmates to serve their sentences at home, since the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that seniors are at a higher risk of developing severe complications from the pandemic.

In January of last year, Mill, Jay-Z, Van Jones and others announced the Reform Alliance at a New York City press conference. They said its main goal is to change the probation and parole laws in the United States, both on the state and federal level.

Mill was a prison inmate himself in the past and was released in April 2018 after being locked up for probation violation in November of the previous year.

The Reform Alliance

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