‘Throw The Whole Stomach Away’: Masika Kalysha Fires Back at Internet Trolls for Making Fun of Her Midsection

Masika Kalysha appears to be feeling comfortable in her own skin. The former “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” cast member draped her body in a two-piece outfit and gave viewers a glimpse of her cleavage and midsection. The reality star was intentionally showing off her long, thick and natural hair. However, fans seemingly were distracted by her revealing ensemble.

Kalysha graced the internet in a lace burnt-orange, two-strap crop top and a pair of very short shorts. She admitted that her shorts were both too big and too small for her due to her unequal hip-to-bottom ratio. The 34-year-old model flaunted her black tresses on Instagram, and shared that she has been experimenting with natural hairstyles during the two weeks that she has been cooped up in her house.

Masika Kalysha showing off her natural hair @masikakalysha/Instagram

“I’ve been trying new natural hair styles all quarantine. I’m currently combing out my 3 day old roller set. What heat free style should I try next?,” she asked her followers. The majority of her fans did not answer her question, and instead slammed the Khari Barbie Beauty founder for her physique.

“She cute, but throw the whole stomach away 🥴,” one user said.

A second fan wrote, “Seems like you’re trying to have a Draya moment.”

“You is sooooo thirsty,” commented a third user.

“Why your stomach look like that,” a fourth user asked.

“Put some clothes on you distracting everyone with your body ain’t nobody paying attention to your hair 😆,” a fifth begged.

“What’s wrong with her stomach? And her belly button is really high,” a sixth pointed out.

Masika Kalysha with her daughter Khari Barbie Maxwell @kharibarbie/Instagram

The body-shaming comments seemingly upset the “Growing Up Hip Hop” cast member. She clapped back at her commentators by implying that she loves her midsection. “This stomach housed a future queen for 9 months and snapped back in 3 days, no surgery, and went straight to work. I love this stomach,” she wrote. She continued her rant by saying, “While ur here hating from a fake page, I’m 97% certain that you can’t see ur feet when you look down.”

Masika Kalysha, Khari Barbie Maxwell, and Fetty Wap @kharibarbie/Instagram

Kalysha gave birth to her daughter, Khari Barbie Maxwell, in 2016. She shares her daughter with the “Trap Queen” hitmaker Fetty Wap. The 28-year-old rapper reportedly has seven children with six different women. Kalysha and Fetty Wap ended their relationship before their daughter was born. However, she openly vents about the struggles that come along with co-parenting their 3-year-old daughter.

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