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‘Something Looks Different’: Cyn Santana Full-Body Post Derails After Fans Accuse Her of Getting A Nose Job

Cyn Santanas latest beauty post has fans questioning her appearance. The “Love and Hip Hop: New York” cast member shared a full-body photo of herself and social media users appeared to be distracted by her seemingly small nose.

In the photo, the New York beauty leaned her head against a wall and tilted her head slightly up to give fans a look at her full-glam makeup appearance. Her work-from-home attire consisted of a long-sleeve snakeskin shirt and a pair of blue jeans to match. The reality star straightened her long chocolate- colored hair and implied that she had been cooped up in her house. “Quarantine but make it cute,” she told her fans.

Cyn Santana shows off her full-face glam. @cynsantana/Instagram

The 27-year-old model’s fierce body shot seemingly backfired after fans accused her of going under the knife.

“U don’t even look like yourself,” one fan said.

A second user commented, “Something looks different 🤔.”

“Her nose 🤔,” a third fan said.

A fourth fan shouted, “Sis definitely had a nose job or hella contour done!”

“I thought it was Tamar Braxton 🤦‍♀️,” a fifth exclaimed.

“I ain’t even recognize you sis,” said a sixth.

Santana appears to be living her best life despite the fact that she is staying in her house. She seems to be making the best of changes caused by the pandemic by dancing around her kitchen and snacking on foods in spite of what fans think about her post-pregnancy body.

Cyn Santana next to her son Lexington Budden @cynsantana/Instagram

Santana gave birth to her son, Lexington Budden, in 2017, and shared that she is just now taking the time to focus on losing her baby weight. She implied that she was not in a rush to snap back immediately after giving birth and revealed that social media users said hurtful things about her nose during her pregnancy. “I read a comment that said, ‘I cant wait for you to drop your baby. Your nose is way too big’ and it made me really sad,” she wrote on Instagram.

Santana went on to say her feelings weren’t hurt, but that she thinks about other women who don’t have tough skin and may be on the receiving end of derogatory comments.

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