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‘Best Photo Yet’: Alexis Skyy’s Natural Beauty Takes the Cake In Latest Post

A lot of times when Alexis Skyy shares a photo of herself, she gets complimented on her figure, her outfit or her hair. But in one of her latest posts, she wowed many with a close-up shot of herself with no makeup on.

Skyy posted the photo to Instagram on Thursday, March 19, and it shows her resting her chin on one hand, while looking square into the camera. She’s also wearing a white top, and has her hair wrapped.

@alexisskyy_ Instagram

“So many smiles, so many hugs, but I still feel alone,” Skyy captioned the photo.

The image has been liked 133,000 times so far, and over 2,200 comments have been left.

A lot of people told Skyy how much they loved the photo, and they preferred it to some of the other pics that showed her with makeup on.

“Your best photo yet❣,” someone wrote in the comments.

“You are just way too pretty,” another person stated. “Makeup does no justice for you. You are literally stunning natural.”

“Now that’s beauty without makeup yes sis and you have your eye brows still,” a third person stated.

Others called Skyy “beautiful” under the photo, “Natural beauty 😍” and “Cute,” and “Gorgeous.”

There were also some who responded to Skyy’s message about feeling lonely and offered to provide some company.

“If you call me I coming now,” someone let her know.

“bby ill be with u all day every day 💯,” another person wrote.

A few of her other followers offered advice about combating loneliness.

“Pray and work on self love… only you can make yourself happy,” someone suggested.

“Feeling down, turn off your comments and distract yourself by listening to some Good Music,” another person advised. “Taking a bubble bath treat yourself and take care of your mental health by doing stuff for yourself. You have to pick yourself up and heal.”

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