Lakeith Stanfield Praises Beauty of Black Women, ‘What About White Women?’ Debate Ensues

Lakeith Stanfield gave props to all the Black women out there, but some others seemed to take offense to it.

“The most beautiful beings I’ve ever seen. Black Women,” wrote the actor next to a black and white photo of Jada Pinkett Smith, Adrienne Banfield-Jones and Willow Smith.

akeith Stansfield sparked a race debate after giving props to Black women


Right away, Stanfield received all kinds of thanks and praise for his post.

“I wish you knew just how much it means to us when our Black men uplift us like this,” one woman wrote.

“Thanks, love. You’re a beautiful brother yourself,” wrote another.

But among the kind words shot Stanfield’s way, there were a few complaints that immediately caught folks’ attention.

“What about me?” someone wrote, who based on their profile picture, seemed to be a white woman.

“What about you?” someone responded. “He said Black Women. Bye.”

There were others who called the Atlanta actor’s post racist, which drew even more comments.

“A Black man uplifting Black women is not an attack on other races,” one person commented.

Then someone else criticized Stanfield’s post and defended white women, which only added fuel to the race debate.

“Why is it any time anybody says anything that doesn’t compliment white people everybody is all up in arms?” one Instagram user asked. “Nobody is excluding them. You felt the need to say ‘White women are the most beautiful.’ Still don’t understand why?”

Stanfield pretty much stayed out of the debate, but his post continued to make the internet rounds. As it stands, it’s been viewed over 30,000 times and over 500 people left comments.

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