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‘They Gotta Go!’: Phaedra Parks Jokes About Homeschooling Her Kids Amid Self-Quarantine and Fans Relate

Phaedra Parks clearly isn’t the only parent feeling a way about homeschooling her children for the next few days.

In the wake of recent events, Parks, formerly of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta ,” and her two sons, Ayden Nida, 9, and Dylan Nida, 6, are mastering the art of self-quarantine due to the coronavirus. Since schools have been canceled around the nation, a large majority of parents, including Parks, plan to homeschool their kids for the time being.

Phaedra Parks
Dylan Nida (L), Phaedra Parks and Ayden Nida (R) @phaedraparks/Instagram

The mother of two suggested it was a hard time finding the patience to try to teach her sons. She wrote via Instagram on Monday, “Day one of being #home #school #mom #principal. I #LOVE my sons but teaching children is NOT my ministry. May God grant all the moms, dads and caretakers patience and grace during this quarantine.”

She continued, “God send a village to sustain us during this difficult time 🙏🏾 we will survive #Coronavirus #covid_19 ✊🏽 will be posting a mid day prayer support line by Wednesday 🙌🏾”

Several fans and parents related to Parks’ post.

“Yesss lord today was definitely a test 🤦🏾‍♀️lmaoo I love my kids but they gotta go! lol”

“I agree lol😩 my 4 yr old knows EVERYTHING! Let him tell it! We’re going to wear each other out lol”

“Yes ma’am @phaedraparks I was a preschool teacher ♥️ I’ve been saying this for years, increase the pay for preschool teachers, teachers in general!!! #preschoolteacher #teacher yess, Lord Jesus!!!”

“The fact I hear you saying saying all of this 😂 I know that’s right😂😂😂 it was never my calling to be a 👩‍🏫 teacher”

“❤️ Praying for you guys. You’ve done such a great job with your boys. We’ve really watched them grow up.”

Parks’ family photo of her and her two sons comes not long after rumors about her returning to “RHOA” began to circulate.

A recent diet post showing Parks holding what looks like a peach in her hand caused hysteria on social media. Moments before she declared it was a persimmon she was eating, fans took the pic as a sign of a “RHOA” return for her.

phaedra parks
Phaedra Parks (Photo: @phaedraparks/Instagram)

“BUT YOU HAVE A PEACH👀 let me find out you and @bravoandy got some tea brewing for next season”

“Very Peachy 😉 🍑 Phaedra needs to come back with her savage shade and read sessions…I hope this is a hint for next season”

Parks never responded to fan comments, but in the past she’s claimed she wasn’t closed to the idea of returning to the Bravo series.

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