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‘I’m Already Rich’: Jay-Z Finally Addresses Claim That He Sold Out by Working With the NFL

Jay-Z addressed the accusation that he sold out by working with the NFL.

He did it on a song called “Flux Capacitor,” which is on Jay Electronica‘s new album “A Written Testimony,” released in the early hours of March 13.

“Why would I sell out? I’m already rich, don’t make no sense / Got more money than Goodell, a whole NFL bench / Did it one-handed like Odell, handcuffed to a jail / I would’ve stayed on the sideline if they could’ve tackled that s–t themselves,” rapped Jay-Z.

In August, it was revealed that Jay-Z would be working with the NFL on its social justice initiatives and its entertainment.

The backlash he received was because many said that Colin Kaepernick was blackballed from the NFL for kneeling for the national anthem when he played for the San Francisco 49ers. Kaepernick hasn’t played in the NFL since he opted out of his contract at the end of the 2016 season.

During the press conference, when Jay-Z’s partnership was announced, he was asked if Kaepernick would also be involved.

“I’m not his boss,” he explained. “I can’t just bring him into something. That’s for him to say. We all do different things. We all work differently for the same results. I don’t knock what he’s doing, and hopefully he doesn’t knock what I’m doing.”

But one person who did knock Jay-Z was Kaepernick’s girlfriend Nessa Diab, who accused him of only working with the NFL for money, which is one of the main things he addressed in his “Flux Capacitor” verse.

“The disappointment in Jay-Z isn’t in the partnership. The disappointment is wrapping it in social justice,” tweeted Diab in August. “Jay has phenomenal music, he’s done so much nobody’s taking that away from him! Do your business! But don’t talk to me about that League when they’re doing dishonorable things.”

“Don’t you dare call it a social justice reform attempt when it comes to working with that company,” she added. “Don’t mess with my family!”

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