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Jay-Z Partners With the NFL To Increase Social Justice Initiatives and Handle Musical Events

Jay-Z has inked a deal with the NFL and will work in the area of music as well as the league’s social justice initiatives.

The New York Times reports that Jay, along with his company Roc Nation, will now be the NFL’s new “live music entertainment strategist” and will help put together the Super Bowl halftime show as well as other music events for the league.

He’ll also help secure A-list artists to play at those events, plus assist with the league’s “Inspire Change” campaign, which “donates money to groups fighting for criminal justice reform.” It also tries to improve the relationship between police and community.

“With its global reach, the National Football League has the platform and opportunity to inspire change across the country,” said Jay. “Roc Nation has shown that entertainment and enacting change are not mutually exclusive ideas, instead we unify them. This partnership is an opportunity to strengthen the fabric of communities across America.”

The NFL has taken a public relations hit since Colin Kaepernick has seemingly been frozen out of the league, and some who’ve sided with the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback have boycotted the NFL altogether.

Kaepernick hasn’t played in the league since 2016 after he began kneeling for the national anthem in protest. The 31-year-old also claimed league owners kept him out, so he filed a collusion case in 2017, which he and former teammate Eric Reid settled earlier this year.

Jay has publicly supported Kapernick, and the NFL’s commissioner Roger Goodell believes his influence can only help the league accomplish its goals surrounding social justice.

“Roc Nation is one of the most globally influential and impactful organizations in entertainment,” Goodell said. “The NFL and Roc Nation share a vision of inspiring meaningful social change across our country. We are thrilled to partner with Roc Nation and look forward to making a difference in our communities together.”

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