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‘Tanya With The Strong Knees’: Fans Compare Tanya Sam To Megan Thee Stallion After She Drops It Low While On Vacation

Tanya Sam appears to be living her best life while on vacation with her fiancé Paul Judge. The cast members of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” went to Cape Town in South Africa for a small getaway and are seemingly dancing the night away on their trip. Sam dropped her derriere to the ground while performing at a group dinner, and fans began to poke fun at the star for having “Megan Thee Stallion” knees.

Tanya Sam (L) @itstanyatime/Instagram and Megan Thee Stallion (R) @theestallion/Instagram

Sam and her fiancé dined at an elaborate restaurant in Cape Town while wearing an African print ensemble. Sam, who shared that she has fell in love with the country’s food, people, and its beautiful shores during her trip, told fans the staff literally forced them on stage to dance.

Tanya Sam and her fiancé Paul Judge on vacation in Cape Town, Africa. @itstanyatime/Instagram

Sam started swaying her hips back and forth to the rhythm of the music. As the music kept playing, she winded her body to the floor and began shaking her clappers. Fans went crazy at her ability to dance on the ground for such a long period of time. Social media users took to the ‘Gram to cheer Sam on for her dance moves.

“I see those Megan knees Tanya 😂,” joked a fan.

A second user said, “Tanya with the strong knees!”

“You’re coming for Meg’s number 1 spot. Get it girl👏,”a third fan cheered.

“Go ‘head Ms Tanya! Break it on down!,” a fourth user encouraged.

A fifth fan commented, “Let them know this is carnival Tanya and you get down 😍😍🤣🤣.”

“I just love your energy! ❤️😍,” a sixth user gushed.

Tanya Sam dancing at the Trinidad and Tobago Carnival. @itstanyatime/Instagram

Megan Thee Stallion appears to be the queen of twerking to the ground while performing her three-to-four-minute rap songs. The music sensation has garnered quite a bit of attention for appearing to never lose her breath after bouncing her knees up and down during her long performances.

Megan Thee Stallion selfie @theestallion/Instagram

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