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‘I Need a Breathing Treatment’: Porsha Williams and Dennis McKinley Participate In The Flip The Switch Challenge and Leaves Fans In Tears

Porsha Williams and her fiancé, Dennis McKinley, left fans cracking up after the pair participated in the “Flip The Switch Challenge.” Williams posted the TikTok dance on her social media page, and people could not help but notice that McKinley forgot to put on his waist trainer after the couple appeared to have switched places.

The 15 second Instagram video shows Williams dancing in the background while sporting a tight pink latex dress. McKinley was standing in front of the model dripped in a black-and-gold Versace robe while also rocking a pair of designer sunglasses. As his fiancée was swaying her body back-and- forth to the music, McKinley was nodding his head to Drake‘s famous rap lyrics.

Porsha Williams and her man Dennis McKinley participating in the “Flip the Switch Challenge” @porsha4real/Instagram

When the beat dropped in the song, McKinley put on Williams’ black curly wig along with her pink bodycon dress. He paired his new ‘fit with long black socks. Williams also switched into McKinley’s designer robe and began nodding her head up and down while also recording the video. However, fans were left in tears after seeing McKinley try to dance like his “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” co-star.

“I wasn’t ready!!!!! 😂😂😂,” commented a fan.

A second user said, ” 😂😂😂😂 This why I just love Porsha, she keep her fans laughing. I was caught off guard with this one. Dennis in that dress, wig and black socks 🤣🤣🤣🤣. I need a breathing treatment 😂😂 .”

“💕Hilarious 🤣😂😜 ,” commented a third fan.

“That dance that Dennis does trying to look like you just takes me out! I can’t stop watching it 🤣 ,” a fourth user said.

A fifth fan said, “I legit flat lined PORSHA! 😂😜 😜.”

Porsha Williams booed up with Dennis McKinley on vacation @porsha4real/Instagram

The Flip the Switch Challenge originated from Drake’s song “Nonstop.” In his song, the rapper says, “Look, I just flipped the switch (flipped, flipped)/I don’t know nobody else that’s doin’ this.” The viral internet challenge takes place when two people are standing in front of the mirror. Typically, one person is in the background dancing while the person in the front is holding the phone. The lights turn off and when the lights come back on, the pair reverse into wearing each other’s clothing. The purpose of the challenge is to actually flip places.

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