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‘Where’s Your Mask??’: Cynthia Bailey’s Attempt to Share Airport Safety Tips Backfires After Fans Question Her Safety Precautions

The coronavirus outbreak is causing many people to take extreme safety measures when they travel, and Cynthia Bailey appears to be no exception. The reality star from “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” flew out of New York City on March 5 and gave fans the safety precautions they needed to stay safe from the highly contagious virus when they are flying.

cynthia bailey
Cynthia Bailey rocking a natural look (Photo: @cynthiabailey10/Instagram)

The model was sporting a makeup-free face and a dark grey beanie while sitting on the plane at the John F. Kennedy International Airport. The star booked her ticket with Delta Air Lines, and posted a picture on the ‘Gram to tell fans that she was prepared to travel in spite of the outbreak.

Cynthia Bailey sitting on the plane with a fresh face and beanie @cynthiabailey10/Instagram

Bailey captioned her photo with, “Clorox wipes ✔️ Water✔️ Black seed oil capsules✔️ Antibacterial✔️ Emergen-C✔️most importantly GOD✔️.” However, the model’s safety tips seemingly backfired with fans. Fans flooded the star’s social media account with questions regarding the items she took with her on the plane.

“What does black seed oil do,” asked a fan.

“Where’s your mask?? Hands off the face please @cynthiabailey10,” said a second fan.

A third user said, “Cynthia! FYI anything antibacterial will not kill viruses (just bacteria). Use soap and water to wash your hands😘🤗.”

“Omg but now you’re touching your face with your hands 🤦🏾‍♀️👀. We’re not supposed to do that,” said a fourth fan.

A fifth commenter said, “Keep your hands out your face too. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.”

“You forgot Lysol,” commented a sixth fan.

Cynthia Bailey at the airport in Tennessee holding up a peace [email protected]/Instagram

In addition to the model posting tips about staying safe while traveling, the reality star appears to be happy rocking her naturally glowy skin and natural short black hair when she is flying. The model traveled to Memphis, Tennessee, a few weeks ago to promote her partnership with the alcoholic brand Seagram’s Escapes.

Cynthia Bailey showing off her alcoholic beverage, Peach Bellini @cynthiabailey10/Instagram

Bailey created an alcoholic beverage called Peach Bellini with the company and is seemingly busy traveling from state to state to promote her product as part of the Seagram’s Escapes Women’s Empowerment Tour.

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