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A Denny’s Server Was Gifted a Generous $4,000 Tip — Now She Says Her Employer Is Withholding Her Hard-Earned Cash

A Tennessee woman is threatening legal action after she claims her employer is refusing to hand over her hard-earned money.

Shikira Edwards, who has worked at the Denny’s restaurant on Winchester and Riverdale Road in Memphis for the last three years, was over the moon when her manager told her a customer left her a generous tip — $4,451.61 to be exact.

Shikira Edwards
Shikira Edwards was floored when she learned a customer had left her a tip for nearly $4,500 last month. (FOX 13 Memphis/video screenshot)

“It’s just such a blessing to have good people like that that are still here and that God did answer my prayers, because he knows what I go through,” she told local station FOX 13 last month. “For someone to look at me and bless me in that way, in that way shape or form, there’s no blessing too high or too low for God, and I appreciate her so much.”

It’s been three weeks, however, and Edwards says she still doesn’t have her money. Instead, the mom of one has been tasked with tracking down the do-gooder who left the tip to make sure it’s legitimate.

Edwards says she feels it’s simply unfair.

“You’re going to tell me that it’s my fault that I didn’t get the information on a customer when they left and tipped me,” she told the station. “I’m just hurt that they would tell me something like …  this is the only resolution to look as if I’m wrong to ask for something I know I deserve.”

“I don’t know who tipped me,” Edwards added.

The frustrated server had hoped to use the cash to help pay her student loans and donate the rest to local mentoring programs.

A spokesperson for the chain of diner-style eateries addressed the matter in a statement, according to WHBQ-TV FOX13.

“Denny’s is working diligently with our Banking and Credit Card Department to locate the guest and verify the large tip amount. The restaurant located at 7065 Winchester Road in Memphis, TN scored a 99% during their latest health inspection on Tuesday, February 18, 2020.”

The owner of the Denny’s also reached out to FOX 13 to dispute Edwards’ claims, saying management was told to void the transaction because they couldn’t verify if it was a mistake or not.

Edwards has vowed to keep fighting for her money and said she will sue if she has to.

“I’m definitely taking this to court,” she told Atlanta Black Star via phone. “I want justice to be served not only in what I’ve been through but for the rest of the [Denny’s] employees as well.”

Edwards is no longer working at the restaurant, but said she has a good idea of who may have left the tip. She hasn’t been able to contact them, however, but hopes her story will prompt the generous customer to come forward.

“I just hope that at the end of the day, no matter what, that justice is served,” said Edwards. “And I just think it’s wrong to be lied to. I pray that whatever is done in the dark should come to light.”

Watch more in the video below.

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