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‘Dang, Have the Baby First’: The Internet Drags Malika Haqq For Scheduling a Mommy Makeover Surgery While Pregnant

Somebody ring the alarm! People on social are dragging Khloe Kardashian’s best friend and reality TV sidekick Malika Haqq after the mama-to-be shared she met with a plastic surgeon about her post-pregnancy makeover.

The very-much pregnant L.A. socialite is just weeks away from delivering her first child, a son with rapper O.T. Genasis, so her post about booking an appointment with a plastic surgeon did anything but go over well with folks who had a lot of opinions to offer up about her priorities.

Malika Haqq
People light up Malika Haqq’s comments after she books an appointment with a plastic surgeon for a post-pregnancy makeover. (Photo: @malika/Instagram)

“Dang have the baby first,” commented a woman who was displeased with Haqq’s post.

“Haven’t even given birth and already thinking about snapback surgery? 🙄😩,” wrote another.

“This is why moms hate their body’s 😒🤢 rich people having unrealistic bodies and faces. 😡

“🙄 rich people problems 🤦 I was more worried about having a safe and healthy baby and delivery over how Imma look after 😔

There were some others who weren’t opposed to Haqq’s decision to get ahead of the curve in planning her snapback.

“Leave her alone, I’d do it if I could ! 👌❤️ Go mama !,” said one person in support of the decision.

Another chimed in with, “RELAX!!! Its her body, and you pretty much have no say.” That is seemingly what the petite stunner did, considering she continued to post shots of her blooming belly from a pool maternity shoot.

Up until her eighth month of pregnancy, the 36-year-old Haqq kept the identity of her child’s father a mystery, though many speculated it was the “Everybody Mad” rapper considering their on-and-off-again relationship.

“I’m incredibly thankful to Odis Flores for my little boy,” said Haqq at her baby shower in February. The rapper was also in attendance.

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