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‘Sorry Dawg’: Bow Wow Responds After Internet User Says Nick Cannon Has Better Movies Than He Does

Bow Wow responded to an online question about who has had the better movies throughout their career — him or Nick Cannon.

The question was asked by Recklezz TV in a post that the vlogging site shared on Tuesday, Feb. 18.

Bow Wow (L) responded after someone said that Nick Cannon (R) made better movies than he did. (Photo: Prince Williams/WireImage via Getty Images/Jason Koerner/Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images)

Some of Bow Wow’s films include “Like Mike,” “Roll Bounce,” and “Lottery Ticket,” while Cannon is known for starring in “Drumline,” “Love Don’t Cost a Thing” and he also had a role in “Roll Bounce.”

Bow Wow jumped into the conversation after someone said Cannon has better movies than he does.

“Bro whatever u smoked this am pass it,” wrote the former So So Def artist. “Nick my boy but nba players and kids everywhere rock the like mike jersey. I dont see kids wearing band gear as outfits. Sorry dawg.”

Afterward, people continued to debate among themselves about who had the better films between the two actors.

“But Drumline is the reason why a lot of people wanted to go to A&T or any HBCU for that matter,” someone wrote. “That move is better than Like Mike.”

“I give the SLIGHT edge to Nick cannon,” wrote another. “Like Mike was fictional and although it made me want to ball I knew I would only go so far. Drumline fasho played a part of my decision to go to college which got me to where I am today. I couldn’t wait for the dorm life. Love don’t cost a thing and Roll bounce are a tie.”

“Do we really need to pick apart one another’s success?” another person asked. “Both Brothas have come a long way & Nick Cannon is still making it happen. I do watch both of their movies whenever aired & it’s because they’re good family movies😊.”

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