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‘Oh Hell Naw’: Woman Calls Kandi Burruss’ Kids ‘Ugly’ and Fans Leap to the ‘RHOA’ Star’s Defense

Look here, Kandi Burruss said there ain’t gon’ be no calling her out of her name or calling her babies ugly!

While giving fans an update on her life, the O.G. “Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast member shared why she made her phone number available to the public, as well as how she enjoys interacting with her fans via text messages.

Kandi Burruss appalled that someone would send her a text message calling her a b—h and her children ugly! (Photo: KandiOnline/YouTube)

Well, apparently someone looking to get a rise out of the singer took things too far.

“Today I had somebody cuss me out,” said Burruss while laughing and explaining that her message to fans that day was one of inspiration and encouragement.

“Stop texting me b–ch,” is what one woman responded to Burruss’ uplifting words, prompting a brief dialogue between the women.

“She talking about stop texting me like I send her a whole bunch of texts, so I scroll back to see if she had sent me something. I said, ‘OK, it’s cool, don’t worry about it, I don’t have to text you no more,’” said Burruss.

The woman responded, “Yes you do. Sending me pics of your ugly kids.” With her arms up in the air and voice up an octave, Burruss exclaimed, “Bih … who, who, who you talking to! What! Jesus, please keep me together! Here I am trying to be positive, sending you a positive word, and you over here calling me a b–ch and calling my kids ugly!”

Already knowing that her fans would go in on the exchange, Burruss made sure to add, “Every now and then I just really be wanting to give them a piece of my mind. ‘Cause I can go in in the text message, OK!”

Fans were like, “say no more,” and came to the defense of Riley Burruss, Ace and Blaze Tucker.

“She know dayum well all your kids are beautiful.❤️”

“Aht aht aht … kids OFF LIMITS 💯”

“She said something about your beautiful kids!! Oh hell naw!😡😡😡”

“Sis is lonely bitter and obviously deflecting her issues onto you 😔”

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