‘Still His’: Lauren London Doubles Down on Her Love For Nipsey Hussle as Fans Shut Down Rumors That She May be Dating Diddy

Whew chile, Lauren London is not here for the internet, the games and rumors that she has moved on from mourning the loss of her long-time boyfriend Nipsey Hussle to a budding new romance.

Rumors of the actress being romantically linked to super producer and businessman Diddy were stirred up Thursday when he shared a photo of them at the Roc Nation pre-GRAMMY brunch in his Instagram stories. Though the photo was innocent in nature, social media ran with the idea of there being more to the story.

Lauren London
Lauren London sends a bold message after rumors of her dating Diddy circulate the internet. (Photo: @laurenlondon/Instagram)

London was anything but here for it and took to her IG to send a clear message: “I’m a woman in grief and I don’t play about Nip.”

The mother of two followed up her post by sharing a photo of the late rapper with the caption, “Still His! King Ermias! Never Forget!”

On social, people chimed in with their thoughts on the rumors of her moving on.

“She loved nip to the core, she’s still mourning. Let her be 💯”

“Y’all going too far leave Lauren alone don’t nobody want diddy after being with Nipsey!!! 🥴”

“She would NEVA,” wrote one person. “Ya messy af don’t start no rumors like that,” added another person.

Lauren London
Lauren London makes it clear she is and will always be Nipsey Hussle’s woman. (Photo: @laurenlondon/Instagram)

London and Hussle began dating in 2013 after she purchased several copies of his mixtape that was selling for $100 per copy. Their romance quickly blossomed and resulted in the birth of their son Kross in 2016.

Though they fought off countless engagement rumors they were clear on one thing : Building together.

In 2019, while in front of his The Marathon Clothing Store on Slauson and Crenshaw Avenue, the 33-year-old Hussle was gunned down. He left behind two children, his son with London, and daughter Emani from a previous relationship.

Since the untimely passing of her soul mate, London has posted photos of their time together, photos of the rapper throughout his career and posts promoting her collection, as well as that of the The Marathon Clothing — both with PUMA.

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