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‘Hit Me!’: Michelle Williams Collects Her Respect After Shocking Fans With This Destiny’s Child Fun Fact

When you least expect it songstress and Destiny’s Child group member Michelle Williams reaches in her bag to provide folks with receipts of her contributions to the group’s chart-topping hits.

One of those hits, “Lose My Breathe,” remains a smash even after several years have passed. When Oscar winner Matthew A. Cherry tweeted about the hit single, he found an unexpected comment from Williams making it known that she is the voice behind the iconic “hit me” just before the cuing of the drums.

Michelle Williams
Michelle Williams reminds social media to put some respect on her name and contributions to Destiny’s Child. (Photo: @michellewilliams/Instagram)

Williams, 39, who found humor in informing social media of the fun fact, took a screenshot of the tweet and shared it with her millions of fans on Instagram.

She captioned the photo, “For the record! 16 years later and y’all didn’t know it was me? I am appalled! 🤣🤣🤣”

Now, hardcore DC fans claim to have known it was Williams all along, but others jump in the comments expressing their surprise.

“Lmaoooo we all was today’s year old when we found this out 😂😂😂😂”

“I knew it at Coachella.😩 She ate them two words up!”

Some even felt bamboozled after thinking it was either Kelly Rowland or Beyonce all these years.

“This whole time I was thinking it was Kelly🤦”

“No I thought it was BEYONCE sorry sis”

Folks on the internet have been known to troll Williams for falling on stage, her dancing during her 2013 Superbowl appearance and for her raspy voice carrying the bridge in any given DC song, and this instance was not any different. Still those who are stans for Williams — who was revealed as the powerhouse vocalist beneath the butterfly costume on “The Masked Singer” — put some respect on her talents.

“I love Michelle she came tf through on Destiny Fulfilled, y’all not real DC fans”

“All I know is she had the best parts on every song,” wrote another person.

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